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Our Wooden Rocking Horses

Our rocking horses are of wooden laminated construction. The woods are treated with a clear sealant that produces an entirely original natural muscled effect. The advantage is that the rocking horses are much more resistant to damage than a paint finish and if scratched they are also very easily and invisibly patched.

Apart from the decorative effect the laminated wooden construction gives the rocking horse great strength in those places which would be weak such as fetlocks and ears. They can also withstand extremes of humidity and temperature without movement which would be difficult to achieve if they were carved from a single block.

No two rocking horses are exactly the same and each has his own registration certificate as would any other Thoroughbred or pedigree pony. Our wooden rocking horses are an investment that will give pleasure to generations of children.

Tack consists of a bridle, complete with noseband and bit, breastplate and saddle with girth and stirrups; it is all individually detachable in a realistic manner and made in real leather.

The horse responds to wax polish and if badly scratched can be touched in with clear polyurethane. Manes and tails are in real horsehair.

All sizes will take any adult weight.

See more information on sizes and pricing on the Large Rocking Horse or Medium Rocking Horse pages.

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