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Once again Tim, thank you so much for taking the time trying to track down details of our horse,we really do appreciate it.we have photos of Sam sitting on the horse you made as young as 3 years old, I've taken a photo of Sam sitting on the horse as a 29 year old,and the horse looks as good now as it did 26 years ago,we feel that's a testament of your craftsmanship,and we feel privileged to have such a thing,we will forward all the details soon ,(the photo of you is great). thank you so much.

Sam Worthington

I have to say I am very excited about having him. I am a 47 year old grandmother ............ but all my children and grandchildren love him and I just enjoy looking at such a beautiful piece of carpentry.

Christine Simmonds

We purchased him in 1978 from a wood turners shop in Modbury Devon after seeing him in the window whilst driving past. We had one daughter who was 18 months old at the time and we went in and spent every last penny we had to purchase him. All these years later we now have 5 grandchildren, including two sets of twins born a month apart. They are now all two and a half and they ride him constantly with our six year old grand daughter taking the odd ride. I might add the squeaking of the swing hinges nearly drives us crazy!

Jane Gregory

He has clearly been much loved and played with but still in amazing condition, still so very beautiful in his lines and colour. A true work of art and I am hugely proud of him.

I hope that my grandchildren will have many happy years with him and simply wish to thank you for building such a fine horse.

Sue Corbin

My Wife and I bought one of your horses in a antique shop in the Kansas City suburb of Prairie Village. (US) What a work of art! We had to have it for the grand kids, and I must say at 230lbs I've ridden it myself.

John Gooden

Rocking Horse


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